About Us


Some of the most successful companies in the world have started out by solving a single problem. With the release of the Universal Insert Installer, our CNR Tools team is on our way to making a much needed change in the autoparts industry. For DIY mechanics, many of the tools today are too expensive for single use. Other tools are not intended to simplify the job, but to just get the job done. We plan on fixing that by always coming up with new, better, faster, and cheaper solutions for you. When a new tool works for the DIY mechanic, we know it’ll work just as well for the professional. Most large tool companies focus on the professional mechanic first because it’ll earn them the most money. We focus on innovation first. We solve problems and help mechanics because we aren’t just another tool company. We ARE mechanics.


Are you constantly running into the same issues when working on a job? Are there jobs that just always take forever and no one likes doing them? What tools would you love to see modified or less expensive?

Your problems shouldn’t continue to be problems so tell us what jobs you’d love to see improved and our team will approach them with a new perspective.


A community-based approach is always something we strive to be a part of. Do you have shortcuts or product ideas that you know would help other mechanics?

Our team can work with you to bring your idea to market and share in the CNR Tools success. Contact us to discuss how our venture sharing options work.


Miguel Castillo & Fidel Ramirez started CNR Tools with a single idea for a spark plug insert tool. Miguel is a full-time mechanic who created the first version of the Universal Insert Installer by combining an insert with a stick. Fidel works in the autoparts industry where he helps hundreds of DIY mechanics find the right tools for their jobs. They both saw a need for a different type of installer that isn’t limited to specific brand threads – and didn’t cost up to $400 for the kit.

Together, they took the original stick idea, drafted a few prototypes with a universal pressurized system, and designed the version you can buy today. Their goal is to continue developing new products that will help DIY mechanics save time, and help customers of professional mechanics save money.


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